Cloudy Monday Mornings (Monochrome Monday)

Daylight savings finished for the summer here yesterday. It’s just in the nick of time given that winter will unbelievably be here next month.

Although I’m still wrapping my head around the fact in this day and age the seasons begin during the month not on the first of the month when I grew up. Or maybe that was just a southern hemisphere thing!







Singing from the Tree Tops (Monochrome Monday)

On this particular morning, these two beauties were having a good ole sing-song, serenading all of us who walked by or under them. It was such a fabulous way to begin the day.

Nature has a wonderful way of cutting to the chase…  you should always find a song in your heart to start your day.






Crystallized View (One-Photo-Focus March)

‘Tis the beginning of March which means it’s time for Stacy’s wonderful One Photo Focus March Challenge over at VisualVenturing. As many of you are more than aware, I absolutely adore this challenge.

It’s where Stacy offers just the one photo for editing to anyone who is interested. This month we thank Nancy Merrill of Nancy Merrill Photography for the use of her intriguing photo. This my interpretation.

Joanne Ritchie MARCH One Photo Focus

For this month’s editing I’ve severely cropped the photo so the just the staircase is left. Next I extended these stairs slightly to give the illusion the staircase is taking you to the top of the tree.

My next step was to “crystallize” this cropped image to create a uniformity of sorts then added a heavy vignette before the addition of a frame. Here is Nancy’s original photo for comparison.

Nancy Merrill Photography - One Photo Focus

As I say, I absolutely love this challenge as it’s so, so interesting to see how we’ve all taken the exactly same image yet edited in a different way… LOVE IT!

To me this is life… we can all hear and see the same thing yet so many times its interpreted differently.

One Photo Focus Badge




Happy Valentine’s Day!

Awww, even MY eagles are into the Valentine’s spirit – I hope they thought ahead with their gifts though, having them sorted by the week-end before we had all this snow! 🙂

Happy Valentine's Day 2014!

Just as I decided there wasn’t a nest being built I see this loving scene.

I do so hope they are still in the “getting-to-know-one-another-phase” as given the temperatures we’ve had of late, if they had eggs they’ll be staring at them for the LONGEST time sighing … “mum, how much longer?”