Down but definitely not out! (Wordless Wednesday)




All the magic of Christmas!

From our house to yours…
we wish you, your family and friends all the magic of Christmas!

May your 2018 be filled with more good times then bad,
more happy days then sad – until next year!

Joanne x







Blushing Santa! (Christmas Countdown)

This plush little blushing Santa is so very colorful in his suit of pink, blue and green. He was bought when we unexpectedly found ourselves in Australia for Christmas, celebrating another two, before moving to Canada.

Our belongings had been packed up months earlier for transporting to Canada. Then came the GFC, postponing our move. Christmas was in two weeks, decorations were needed. It would be four months before our belongings returned to us.








A little bird told me… (Wordless Wednesday)









Can’t see the forest for the trees! (OWPC: Foreground)

At first glance this photo was to be deleted. Then on closer inspection the trees in the background could be seen so clearly regardless of the blurry trees in front.

Thus making this photo ideal for this week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells of… Foreground.





Dressing up the Old (Monochrome Monday)

Seems only appropriate with the memory of our last snowfall melting further and further away to have one last photograph of a dying branch with snow flakes.


What’s the possibility of more snow in February for us I wonder? Never say never, and February normally is the coldest month so… maybe, just maybe.




7 Day Nature Challenge – Day 7 (Flower Friday)

Day 7 of the 7-Day Nature Challenge. It’s hard to believe we are at the final day of this fabulous challenge and being a Friday I couldn’t resist a flower. This is a Australian Bottle Brush of which there at least 50 different varieties.

Bottle Brush Flower

Having spent the morning exploring the delightful Pincushion Island, we took another route back to where our car was parked. For the last 20 meters there was tree after tree of these Bottle Brushes in bloom. It was just glorious!

The lovely Desley Jane of Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist nominated me for this wonderful challenge and I have had just the best time. As I’ve been saying all week, do visit her fabulous blog if you aren’t already familiar with it.

And being the final day of this challenge I’d like to invite anyone who might be interested in doing this 7-Day Nature Challenge to please do so. It’s a fabulous way to have nature “re-inspire” you, and not just with your photography I assure you, lol!