Love me an island! (Wordless Wednesday)





Follow the light! (Wordless Wednesday)




Anchored by time! (Monochrome Monday)







Captured Raindrops (Monochrome Monday)






Through the trees into the mist! (Wordless Wednesday)








Searching for Spring (Monochrome Monday)

This tree stands beside our summer-house in the back yard. Each winter I look at it in its current state wondering if it will come back to life or remain perpetually in readiness for spring.

If it was to remain in this perpetual state of readiness, one ponders the possibility of it being painted silver. It could be a garden ornament for 10 months of the year then an arty-farty Christmas tree for the remaining two. Waste not want not!






Not much longer until… (Wordless Wednesday)




Our very own Pigeon Pair (Wordless Wednesday)







A Little Ray of Sunshine (Wordless Wednesday)







Each person’s Journey is different! (OWPC – Journey)

Looking out the window the other night, I had to look twice to check what I was actually seeing. Obviously it was time for this summer’s journey to be packed away!

Journey is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.