Tizzied up trivet! (Macro Monday)

When I first began preparing the house for Christmas last month, this small metal trivet actually had a ten-inch glass cloche covering the candle and baubles. It did have. Note, past tense.

Since then, Sir Fergus on one of his nightly escapades, on jumping through the foyer/dining room alcove, knocked one of the candle stick holders onto the trivet. Interestingly the glass didn’t shatter there. Oh no, that would have been WAY too easy.

Bizarrely the cloche somehow was knocked completely off the trivet onto the ground where it shattered into a thousand pieces. All I wanted was a quick coffee before my shower but instead there I was searching for broken glass… ugh!






Kitchen Words (Monochrome Monday)

As soon as I saw this trivet I knew it had to be mine. I only wish there had been more!

Kitchen Words

Actually, I bought it for Hubby as one of his Valentine’s Day gifts but in true form I put it in a “safe place” until I needed it then promptly forgot where it was… typical, lol!