Icy Details (A Photo a Week Challenge: Details)

For something so natural and so totally random, the details in icicles always fascinate me. These were the icicles we discovered hanging on the side of Niagara Falls as we walked the tunnels underneath. They looked as cold as we felt.


Details is this week’s word from Nancy Merrill and her A Photo a Week Challenge.






The view from above!

What could be better to waking up to Niagara Falls outside your window then to seeing Niagara Falls from above!

As the Maid of the Mist tours are closed for the winter we surprised the children this morning with a helicopter flight. The view of Niagara Falls from above is indescribable!

From here you really appreciated where the name Horse Shoe came from!

That building on the right is where we came back to for lunch but by which time the weather had turned from brilliant sunshine to snow. The Gods were certainly looking after us this morning but at least it made for interesting photos this afternoon!

How quickly things can change...

The change in weather however didn’t interfere with our experience of Niagara Fury, a 4D movie at Table Rock, or exploring the tunnels behind the falls where we saw the icicles up close!

Up close and personal with Niagara Falls

Looking out from the peep-holes directly behind the falls was impossible with so much ice but there was no denying the effect it created.

2013 Spring Break 127

Regardless of the weather, one can always have fun with the hotel’s three-storey high water slide!

This slide was three storey's high!

With an early shuttle pick-up tomorrow we were not only awake to see tonight’s Illumination of the falls but we were so engrossed with our packing we didn’t even notice when it finished.

Today was such an action-packed day there was never a moment for even a hint of a whisper of… “mum, how much longer?”