Water on Earth (Travel Theme: Earth)

Watching the sun set so behind the islands outside our windows is wonder enough but being spring, the sounds of hummingbirds flying from bush to bush filter through the open window.

Mother Earth, you certainly know how to spoil us. Earth is this week’s travel theme challenge from Where’s My Backpack!





Trees at Twilight (26 Weeks Letter Challenge)

This week’s letter from Lori Bravo’s 26 Weeks Letter Challenge is the Letter T. With so many glorious sunsets this summer there was no shortage of Twilight shots to choose from.

Trees at Twilight

To join in the fun of this challenge simply create your own interpretation of Lori’s letter of the week with as many photos you like then title and tag your post with 26 Weeks Letter Challenge.


26 Weeks Letter Challenge





Hmmm, it wasn’t THAT hot!

Looking at Mount Elizabeth last night, after the haze of the morning had lifted, it was obvious as hot as it has become each day this week, there is still snow up on that there mountain, lol!

Liz at Twilight - simply stunning!

And although the clouds began rolling in quite early with the breeze yesterday, giving us the most beautiful display on twilight, we woke up today to not a one to be seen ANYWHERE. Huh?

Hello? Have the clouds NOT seen the weather forecasts. They are there still clouds on my forecast for today with RAIN to follow for the next week and LONGER!

Seriously, enough with the suspense… “mum, how much longer?”