Room with a View (Wordless Wednesday)


Room with a View

Through rose coloured glasses (Macro Monday)


To be able to see all this new life unfurling before our eyes was just beautiful whilst we were on holidays.

Through Rose Colored Glasses

Even now, as I look at this photo, I’m still seeing things I didn’t see on the day.




Morning at the Marina (MM2-15)


Wow, with summer now here and summer vacation just weeks away for us, it’s incredible how quickly the weeks are already flying by. Almost time to begin thinking about Christmas cards, lol!

Until then though, time for another Monochrome Madness from Leanne Cole Photography and once again, here’s another I’ve my rejects from her water themed week at the beginning of the month.

Morning at the Marina MM15

The resort we stayed at may not have been all that salubrious, but waking up to this each morning in Ucluelet more than made up for this. And although not crystal clear reflections, I still like the “feel” this image portrays.

What I particularly like though with converting this photo to black and white, it disguises the hideous bright red coke machine that resort across the water has near its front door. Of all the places why there I wonder.

Leanne Cole Tag

One Word Photo Challenge: Wet… in Ucluelet!


This week’s word for the One Word Photo (Weather) Challenge from Jennifer is… WET.

What should have been my free afternoon for photographing in Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, turned out instead to be a rather WET afternoon with me in the hotel room drying my camera having managed to get a few photos in-between the raindrops.

Wet Afternoon in Ucluelet

The blue of this resort in the background with the yellow flowers in the foreground combined with the raindrops provides a colourful interlude on a somewhat drab afternoon.



Bokeh Beauty (Flower Friday)

One can have all the camera gear and mountains of instructions that can be googled at a moments notice, but sometimes you simply get lucky when taking the shot. As I did here.

Bokeh Beautiful!

Finally I had an hour or two to myself at Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, and wouldn’t you know it, the rain began falling and my back began hurting. As beautiful as the setting was my stars simply weren’t aligning.

However, looking at this photo now none of those things really matter as it would appear my stars did align. Plus I had the loveliest chat with a mature man who was utterly delightful out walking his dog.

There’s always a silver lining!




ON THE WAY to Ucluelet (WPC)

Originally we were led to believe on driving off the ferry at Vancouver Island, the hotel in Ucluelet was but an hour away.

It wasn’t an hour, it was two and a half hours away but on the way, just as we were all becoming a tad despondent look who came out to lift our spirits… Mama Bear! Isn’t she glorious?

WPC - a Mama Bear Welcoming Committee

Now THAT is one heck of a welcoming committee, wouldn’t you say?! Plus her presence was just enough to rekindle our excitement about our road-trip and get us over the finishing line.

So much so in-fact that once we’d checked into our hotel at Ucluelet we headed off for a take-out dinner only to stay for a fabulous meal in a lovely little restaurant. As Master Thirteen has said since he was six years of age… good times, good times!