Stand tall and be counted! (Macro Monday)




Prehistoric Fungi (Macro Monday)




Fungi Fly (Macro Monday)




Emerging from the undergrowth! (Macro Monday)





The world below our feet! (Macro Monday)








Nailed It! (Monochrome Monday)

There are retaining walls and then there are retaining walls. There are retaining walls of stone. There are retaining walls of railway sleepers. Then there are retaining walls of anything and everything!

This retaining wall certainly may not be the most aesthetically pleasing and certainly may not have been the most thought out, but hey, it is a retaining wall that appears to be doing its job.





Spring is Springing (Monochrome Monday)

With warmer weather comes more undergrowth. More shades of green, or in this particular instance, more shades of grey then you can imagine.

Nature’s very own “filler“. How gloriously blessed are we to see nature’s finery unfold before our very eyes?