PAINT Transformations! (Weekly Travel Theme)

This week Aisla from Where’s My Backpack has chosen PAINT as the Weekly Travel Theme word. Having spent so much time in Vancouver over the summer an image from Granville island came straight to mind. Aren’t these characters just gorgeous!

Colourful Concrete

Behind these painted facades are industrial silos for the concrete works. These are just four of the six that stand proudly at 70-feet, allowing you to see them whichever way you approach Granville Island. From the river here’s a close up of the gentleman on the far left.

Concrete Graffiti


The details in these works is incredible. Twin brothers, street artists from Brazil who go by the name, OSGEMEOS (which literally means twins they say) were chosen to participate in the 2014-2016 Vancouver Biennale artistic exhibition.

What I admire about these young men who are known for this particular form of very public work of transforming walls, buildings and structures alike into colourful spray-painted characters, rarely allow any form of merchandising from their creations. WOW!

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Bloke Full of Wind (Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge #29)

After seeing the LONG line-up outside the original Starbucks in Seattle, we found a nearby cafe to sit and catch our breath but we weren’t alone. This bloke kept looking at us…

Bob the BlowUp

He was the most intricate piece of balloon construction I’d ever seen. Unfortunately when it was time for us to move on, the lines from Starbucks had moved to this cafe meaning we didn’t have an opportunity to ask the origin of this bloke.

Whatever the reason for his existence though, I’m mighty glad we had a chance to have a coffee with him!

Cee's Odd Ball Challenge