Unique Stamen Beauty (Macro Monday)

This is the flower I used in my earlier Monochrome Madness post but this time its in all its colourful glory.

Stamen Beauty

This flower still isn’t a favourite of mine but when it comes to photographing it, well that’s a whole new ball-game with it definitely close to the top of the list!





Branching Out in Colour (Macro Monday)

This is the same capture I posted earlier for my Monochrome Madness submission this week but in colour.

Branching Out in Colour!

The colours and texture in this tree fungi were just incredible. In monochrome or colour, either way I love this capture!






Egg-stra Special Mushroom (Macro Mushroom)

When I was out one morning last month in search of the last remaining balls of dandelion wishes, this mushroom had me looking twice.

Egg-tra Special Mushroom

It caught my eye as for the briefest of moments the glistening brown of its insides reminded me of a gum leaf after a rain storm. As I said, just for the briefest of moments.

When I looked again it had me wondering if it was perhaps an egg. Closer inspection revealed it was yet another fabulously different mushroom. What can I say, I’m lovin’ autumn this year!





Anping Treehouse (November One Photo Focus)

Oh how quickly these last three months of the year go, I can’t believe it’s already November. Only 49 sleeps until the fat guy comes and time for another One Photo Focus with the talented Stacy Fisher of Visual Venturing!

Here is my interpretation of this month’s amazing photograph of the Anping Treehouse in Tainan, Taiwan by Helen Chen of HCC Blog. The roots of a Banyan Tree have engulfed themselves around what was once an old warehouse. Quite amazing.

One Photo Focus - November

Looking at this capture I couldn’t decide for the longest time what to do until I was looking through the photographs recently that my father had in his army kit bag that he’d brought back with him from his time in the South Pacific during WWII.

There were photographs of comradeship and their day-to-day life, then there were some really gruesome shots of the harsh realities they were facing. The darkness within these photos seemed to highlight this reality.  This is what I aimed for in my editing.

Not quite what you see here in Helen’s original photograph thankfully.

Helen Chen November One Photo Focus

Be sure to head over to Visual Venturing by clicking on the badge below to see how everybody else has interpreted Helen’s photograph, my favourite part of this challenge. One Photo yet in SO many different ways… BRILLIANT!

One Photo Focus





A Christmas Frame! (Weekly Travel Theme)

Aisla from over at Where’s My Backpack has given us the challenge word of FRAME this week. As I scrolled through my archives looking for something suitable I came across my New York Christmas photographs of Macy’s Christmas windows.


Each window was a different planet portraying a different Christmas scene. Each so different. Each so spectacular. Each framed so elegantly.

Where's my Backpack?





Contrast in Beauty (Flower Friday)

Oh how my son was embarrassed with me getting this capture. I noticed these flowers as we drove into a grocery store’s carpark and with my camera was sitting on the back seat I was determined to take a photo before we left.

Contrast of Beauty

My son naturally sat in the car whilst I took the photo but what was funnier, a little old man determined to prove his right of way, drove past me, missing me by mere inches even as I stood leaning against the fence.

Having proved his point this driver then went on to the intersection, sitting in the left hand lane of a two-way road to turn right… oops. Perhaps he wasn’t as clever as he first thought, lol!




Grass Seeds (Macro Monday)

On this particular day, on this particular walk, my main objective was to get “the” shot of a Dandelion Head. I’m not sure I really achieved my objective however I did stumble upon some beautiful grass. Well, at least I think it was grass!

Grass Growing

Mother Nature truly is a glorious wonder – the colors, the beauty, the exquisite uniqueness. I’ve said it before but honestly, how blessed are we to share in all she has to offer.



Gnarly Gnome (MM2-19)

The other week for the once a month theme at Monochrome Madness was something beginning with the letter “K”. For an entire week this is what I planned…


Yep, for the whole week I had the silent “G” as a silent “K”. It wasn’t until I actually sat down to write the post that I realized the error of my thinking, lol! 😉


Leanne Cole Photography



A New Year, New Flowers!

And what flowers they are!

Officially they are tulips but they look more like something from the prehistoric age or Venus Fly Traps at the very least, lol!

Prehistoric Tulips - don't you love them!

As I arranged them in the vase I had to laugh as there was no attempt on these tulips behalf to stand tall and proud. It was if they were readying themselves to attack anyone or anything as it passed their way, lol.

Looking at the flowers now I just know I’ll be watching the petals each day, curious as to… “mum, how much longer?”