Glass Reflections (WPC: Ambience)

From the moment we walked into the Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, we were repeatedly left both speechless and in awe. The sheer magnitude of some of his work was mind-boggling. The many colours and various techniques extraordinary.


The dark walls, the mirrors under the exhibits, the streaming of Italian music, all combined with this magnificent work of Dale Chihuly created the most delightful ambience. Ambience is this week’s Photo Challenge from the Daily Post.






Ornate Tallinn Teacups (WPC)

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge word for this week is ORNATE. Scrolling through my thousands of photos looking for just one photo of something ornate, one thing became apparently clear, ornate things obviously don’t pique my interest.

For unique and different there were loads to choose from but not so much ornate. Then I stumbled upon this uniquely different but also ORNATE revolving tea-cup display complete with teaspoons.

Ornate Clock

It was simply beautiful. As was the coffee shop come chocolate shop it was in. Each day I was in Tallinn, almost wherever I went exploring I’d first have to walk past this display and every day I would stop to admire it.





A Christmas Frame! (Weekly Travel Theme)

Aisla from over at Where’s My Backpack has given us the challenge word of FRAME this week. As I scrolled through my archives looking for something suitable I came across my New York Christmas photographs of Macy’s Christmas windows.


Each window was a different planet portraying a different Christmas scene. Each so different. Each so spectacular. Each framed so elegantly.

Where's my Backpack?





September’s One Focus Photo… albeit a “smidge” late!

This was meant to be in with Stacy at Visual Venturing last week but once again I managed to “lose” two weeks (wish I could lose weight that easy…) hence I’m playing catch up this week at an alarming speed.

Here is my interpretation of this month’s photograph submitted by Benjamin Rowe.

One Focus September

This is Benjamin Rowe’s original photograph. As you can see I’ve taken out all the benches, removed a roof from behind the right wall whilst also removing the bitumen path, then cropped and played with contrast and hues then added a border.

One Focus Friday - Benjamin Rowe

Not much at all, just a little tweaking, lol! To see all the other interpretations of this one photograph, click on Stacy’s icon below. This challenge for me highlights what I love about photography, we all see the same thing yet see it so very differently!






Don’t POKE the Flower! (Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge #34)

Okay, so it’s not so much odd ball as unique maybe but until a post by Cee herself earlier in the month for one of her Flower of the Day photos, I had no idea that this flower was actually called a Fire Poker Flower!

Fire Poker Flower

Its statuesque beauty makes it more than striking! And of course now I know its name it all makes PERFECT sense. Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself!

Cee's Odd Ball Challenge



Just plain creepy! (DP Weekly Photo Challenge)

This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post is… CREEPY!

One morning as I sat enjoying the warmth of the summer sun (yes, shocker I know, but even I on a brisk beginning to a day enjoys this!) something at the corner of my eye kept drawing my attention. Investigations resulted in this

Creepy Kid

There’s just no nice way to say this except… it’s freakin’ creepy! I think it was meant to be advertising ice-cream but it was, to quote Miss Twelve, just disturbing.






Fair Suck of the WHAT??? (Cee’s Oddball Challenge #31)

Walking through the Vancouver Public Library I was more than a tad delighted when I stumbled upon the dictionary section. The Slang Dictionary particularly caught my eye as it contained such gems as this…

Australia you make me proud

What I was actually looking up was my grade five teacher’s favourite saying… fair suck of the sav! Translation: Sav in Australia is short for saveloy – the Australian, and English also I think, version of a hot dog.

Yes, Australia has many a fabulous saying I’ve come to discover over the years, warms a girl’s heart it does!


Cee's Odd Ball Challenge

Bloke Full of Wind (Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge #29)

After seeing the LONG line-up outside the original Starbucks in Seattle, we found a nearby cafe to sit and catch our breath but we weren’t alone. This bloke kept looking at us…

Bob the BlowUp

He was the most intricate piece of balloon construction I’d ever seen. Unfortunately when it was time for us to move on, the lines from Starbucks had moved to this cafe meaning we didn’t have an opportunity to ask the origin of this bloke.

Whatever the reason for his existence though, I’m mighty glad we had a chance to have a coffee with him!

Cee's Odd Ball Challenge