Branching Out in Colour (Macro Monday)

This is the same capture I posted earlier for my Monochrome Madness submission this week but in colour.

Branching Out in Colour!

The colours and texture in this tree fungi were just incredible. In monochrome or colour, either way I love this capture!






Egg-stra Special Mushroom (Macro Mushroom)

When I was out one morning last month in search of the last remaining balls of dandelion wishes, this mushroom had me looking twice.

Egg-tra Special Mushroom

It caught my eye as for the briefest of moments the glistening brown of its insides reminded me of a gum leaf after a rain storm. As I said, just for the briefest of moments.

When I looked again it had me wondering if it was perhaps an egg. Closer inspection revealed it was yet another fabulously different mushroom. What can I say, I’m lovin’ autumn this year!





Grass Seeds (Macro Monday)

On this particular day, on this particular walk, my main objective was to get “the” shot of a Dandelion Head. I’m not sure I really achieved my objective however I did stumble upon some beautiful grass. Well, at least I think it was grass!

Grass Growing

Mother Nature truly is a glorious wonder – the colors, the beauty, the exquisite uniqueness. I’ve said it before but honestly, how blessed are we to share in all she has to offer.



Atypical Armadillo (Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge #28)

Seriously, no girl should EVER be without her Armadillo bag. Quite the talking piece wouldn’t you say?

Armadillo Bag

We came across this unique piece last year at Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria – BC. They certainly did do things differently way back when!

Cee's Odd Ball Challenge




Niagara’s Ice Balls (Travel Theme: Subtle)


This week’s word from the Travel Theme Challenge by Where’s my Backpack is SUBTLE and what did I think of… Niagara Falls! Doesn’t everyone think of a raging waterfall when thinking of subtle? No?

On arriving at Niagara Falls, once our sense of wonderment from the sheer size and thunderous sound had subsided, but only just, we began to appreciate the forms the frozen mist had created around us.

The Subtle mist of Niagara Falls!

With water still cascading down the falls, one could see the mist at the actual falls themselves as it rose high into the air but what we failed to appreciate was the SUBTLE mist in the air which created these wonderfully unique sculptures.

These ice balls which had simply formed on top of the pruned branches of nearby bushes, particularly piqued our interest!

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