One lone Crafty wolf (OWPC: Craft)

We came across this magnificent wolf, created entirely from driftwood, whilst touring Vancouver Island. Standing upon a mirrored stand, he took pride of place in a restaurant in Tofino. What a CRAFT to use driftwood in such an ingenious way!

One Crafty Wolf

If only my skills at blurring the background were as skilled, lol.😂 CRAFT is this week’s word for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge. 






Chained Beauty! (Flower Friday)


Barbed Beauty




Don’t POKE the Flower! (Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge #34)

Okay, so it’s not so much odd ball as unique maybe but until a post by Cee herself earlier in the month for one of her Flower of the Day photos, I had no idea that this flower was actually called a Fire Poker Flower!

Fire Poker Flower

Its statuesque beauty makes it more than striking! And of course now I know its name it all makes PERFECT sense. Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself!

Cee's Odd Ball Challenge



A different type of sign! (OWPC: Tsunami)


This week’s word from Jennifer Nichole Wells for the One Word (Weather) Photo Challenge is… TSUNAMI.

When we first arrived in British Columbia, seeing the Avalanche Warning signs blew me away. Then as we drove around Vancouver Island we came across the Tsunami signs… wow!

To Evacuation Tsunami Site


The images all the death and destruction from the Thai and Japanese tsunamis which hit so quickly and so suddenly, will forever be etched in so many of our memories.

To then see these signs on Vancouver Island highlighting how this is a very real possibility that could happen at any given time is extraordinarily.





Through rose coloured glasses (Macro Monday)


To be able to see all this new life unfurling before our eyes was just beautiful whilst we were on holidays.

Through Rose Colored Glasses

Even now, as I look at this photo, I’m still seeing things I didn’t see on the day.




A Beautiful Ending (MM2-17)


Being the end of the month this should be my last “water themed” submission for Monochrome Madness over at Leanne Cole Photography .

Yes, I may have had one or five options for the ONCE a month challenge, with this month’s theme being water, at the beginning of the month but hey, waste not, want not I say, lol!

A Beautiful Ending BW

As if seeing Mama Bear wasn’t enough on our first day on Vancouver Island, Mother Nature also gave us this, the most glorious sunset as a special welcome.

It may have been the end of the day but it was a wonderful prelude to our holiday!

Leanne Cole Photography




Morning at the Marina (MM2-15)


Wow, with summer now here and summer vacation just weeks away for us, it’s incredible how quickly the weeks are already flying by. Almost time to begin thinking about Christmas cards, lol!

Until then though, time for another Monochrome Madness from Leanne Cole Photography and once again, here’s another I’ve my rejects from her water themed week at the beginning of the month.

Morning at the Marina MM15

The resort we stayed at may not have been all that salubrious, but waking up to this each morning in Ucluelet more than made up for this. And although not crystal clear reflections, I still like the “feel” this image portrays.

What I particularly like though with converting this photo to black and white, it disguises the hideous bright red coke machine that resort across the water has near its front door. Of all the places why there I wonder.

Leanne Cole Tag

One Word Photo Challenge: Wet… in Ucluelet!


This week’s word for the One Word Photo (Weather) Challenge from Jennifer is… WET.

What should have been my free afternoon for photographing in Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, turned out instead to be a rather WET afternoon with me in the hotel room drying my camera having managed to get a few photos in-between the raindrops.

Wet Afternoon in Ucluelet

The blue of this resort in the background with the yellow flowers in the foreground combined with the raindrops provides a colourful interlude on a somewhat drab afternoon.



Centring on New Beginnings (Macro Monday)

Whilst on Vancouver Island last month , there were so many of these young trees wherever we went.

Centring on New Beginnings

Having the opportunity to look down on the new branch fronds gave these trees a totally different perspective, an almost flower-like appearance.

The fresh green-color of these fronds was just so glorious, so naturally beautiful I couldn’t resist a photo.



Crusted Couplings (MM2-14)


Last week for Monochrome Madness the theme from Leanne Cole Photography was water. Here is one of my other photos I was considering as a possibility for that theme, a forgotten chain at a pier in Tofino, Vancouver Island.

Crusted Couplings MM-14

When Leanne first suggested a once-a-month theme I won’t deny I was a little anxious if I’d be able to participate, would I be able to rise to the challenge? Oh the pressure, the angst, what’s a girl to do?

Well, now of course it looks as if I’m going to be enjoying the wonderful side-effects this once-a-month challenge gives me… the rejects! Oh yes, I always know EXACTLY which photo I would like to share, it’s just that by the time I scroll through my others images in search of it, I stumble upon one or two other possibilities.

These other possibilities may just get me through the rest of the month, maybe. This capture is actually from the same day I took last week’s submission, it’s one of the near-by pier-pylons where we disembarked from our sea-plane.

Chains such as these always leave me wondering…