CAREFUL as you go! (WPC)

With each step we took as we wandered around Niagara Falls, the ice formed from the mist coming off the falls had has being extremely CAREFUL… this week’s Daily Post challenge word.

Careful where you walk!

Not that this ice stopped us at all as it was quite amazing, although at the same time surreal, seeing so many everyday objects encased in ice. It was certainly slow going but most definitely worth the effort!





The true strength of -7CEL!

It’s said there’s a silver lining to every cloud and that’s certainly true with the temperatures sitting at below zero of late. There’s definitely a plus to this cold weather. Besides hugging a roaring-fire what could it be? Photography of course!

Unequivocally, the boyz fishing truck has never looked so good. This was the windscreen’s covering this morning!

Decolored Frost on the Wind Screen

And this was the Fishing Truck’s bonnet. From my vantage point of my warm home, I find frost extraordinarily fascinating!

Decolored Frost on the Bonnet

It may have been -7CEL outside this morning yet when I entered the kitchen at 6.30 my heart was immediately warmed by the sight of my dear and darling twelve-year-old son making bacon and eggs for he and I – WOW – my hero!

What an absolute treat to have my breakfast made for me and so early too! Our roles were reversed all morning as it wasn’t me but my son ready for band, waiting for his lift, asking… “mum, how much longer?