Different Stage of H2O (Wordless Wednesday)








A Hint of Prince (Wordless Wednesday)


A Hint of Prince






Water off a ducks back!

The day before we flew back to Canada, Miss Twelve and I took the opportunity to take a stroll through Brisbane Botanical Gardens. It would appear I love these gardens almost as this duck loves his time in the pond!

Water off a Ducks Back

Maybe the fact it was such a grey day explains why he was enjoying the water so much. Who knows but I’ve never seen anything like it before – water was going everywhere. He may have had a beak but I swear I saw him smile!




Nature’s Very Own Fairy Lights (Monochrome Monday)

As the morning sun hits the raindrops still hanging on the nearby trees, it’s as if Mother Nature herself has patiently strung fairy-lights through all the branches.

Natures Very Own Fairy Lights BW

The sunshine being reflected in the hanging droplets light the tree up just as much as if an electric switch had been turned on. Mother Nature, you’re simply glorious.




Morning Raindrops (Flower Friday)


Morning Showers





Summer Raindrops (Monday Macro)

The inner new growth of this geranium was so tightly twisted yet, as hard as it was to believe, there was still room for raindrops settling in the grooves within.

Summer Growth

Oh Mother Nature, I do so love your endless supply of natural beauty – may it be there for generations to come!