Spot the Colourful Odd Man Out (Wordless Wednesday)


Odd Man Out







Morning Reflections (Wordless Wednesday)


Morning Reflections






What’s bugging this Water Lily?

When I took this photograph of a Water Lily bud on the Miami Everglades back in 2012, I’m not certain that I realized what I’d captured as we zipped around on airboats.

Water Lilly Bugs!

Something was obviously drawing these bugs to the buds just as the Water Lily flower was about to burst into the world. Mother Nature certainly keeps life interesting doesn’t she?!

We’re out and about today a lot in the car so I’m hoping it won’t be TOO hot. Two extremes not conducive for good driving – hot weather and torrential downpours!

With such an early start I have full confidence come lunchtime it shan’t be the children screeching… “mum, how much longer?”