Anchored by time! (Monochrome Monday)







At the other end of town! (Wordless Wednesday)









Winter Sunset! (Wordless Wednesday)







White Tops in the Morning (Wordless Wednesday)







Shine a little light (Wordless Wednesday)








A little light in the darkness (Wordless Wednesday)








Sunshine on a Cloudy Day (Wordless Wednesday)








Illuminated Islands (Wordless Wednesday)








Metal Buoy (Monochrome Monday)

This past summer I was more than a little intrigued by this huge metal buoy attached to the barge holding the larger supplies required for the maintenance of the nearby ferry pier.

Looking at this buoy now, perhaps a seagull or two floating past may have helped to give some perspective as to just how big this buoy was. It. Was. HUGE!






Afternoon Autumn Glow (WPC – Glow)

Yesterday afternoon I had to take a double-take at the house across the harbour. At first glance there appeared to be flames licking at the side of the house. My zoom-lens quickly revealed this burning glow to simply be a tree’s autumn attire.

Glow is The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge word the week.