An island here, an island there! (OWPC – Island)

Until this challenge I hadn’t appreciated not only does our home in Canada has views of water out the back complete with islands but so does our place in Australia. Albeit one tiny island on the left of the horizon but hey, it’s an island!

Island is the One Word Photo Challenge this week from Jennifer Nichole Wells.





Mechanics H20! (Monochrome Monday)

The great advantage of living so close to the water is that you never know what you’ll see when you look out one of the windows.

Sometimes it’s a fishing boat heading out to fill its nets, sometimes it’s a ferry taking passengers down to Vancouver Island, and sometimes it’s simply a digger floating by at the end of the day!






Summer Sailing By (Wordless Wednesday







My Home = My Security (WPC: Security)

To say I’m a little bit of a home-body most would say is a gross understatement. Although this very much contradicts my love of travel – seeing new places, experiencing different cultures, and tasty new foods – I love it all.

To be able to come home though, unpack then enjoy yet another sunset is the cherry on the cake. To know we have four walls, a roof over our heads, all as pretty as we’d dreamed, is not only a blessing but the greatest security we can give not only our children but ourselves.

Security is this week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post.




Unexpected Visitor (Wordless Wednesday)








My Harbour, My Escape (OWPC: Escape)

When it comes to wanting a quick escape from the everyday I’m extremely blessed as all I need do is look out my back windows. Any and all of these windows overlook the beautiful harbour just outside.


As is the way with not just harbours but any body of water, there is always something to watch, immediately transporting you to another place. Escape is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge.






Early Morning Light (A Photo a Week Challenge: Just Missed)

As I hurriedly loaded the dishwasher before driving the children to school one morning before Christmas, I noticed some coloured lights out on the water. Quickly I grabbed my camera, took some shots and just missed that moment in time.


In my haste of course I had neither checked nor changed the settings on my camera hence the captures weren’t quite as anticipated. That moment of what appears to be pilot ship meeting the cargo shipped, just missed. Next time!








Perfect View to Dodge the Crowds! (OWPC: Dodge)

This past weekend our town held a two-day celebration called WinterFest, culminating on Saturday night with fireworks and a Sailpast. This is just one of the beautifully decorated boats that I saw sail past my window all from the comfort of my bed!


Being able to see such a spectacular event from my bed allowed me to dodge both the crowds and the cold. How lucky and blessed am I? Dodge being this week’s word for the One Word Photo Challenge hosted by Jennifer Nichole Wells.





Under the cloak of Darkness (Travel Theme: Dark)

The Travel Theme Word  from Aisla of Where’s My backpack? for this week is… dark.

This photo was taken August 31, still technically summer. However with the dense rain-clouds that rolled in around the edge of the harbour, obscuring the islands behind them, you are instantly reminded winter is not far away.


You wouldn’t think it would be that hard but I have to admit, it took many shots before I was able to get one with the buoy light actually on.




Just add Water! (WPC: H2O)

A Setting Sun + A Body Water = Glorious Views!


The Weekly Photo Challenge from the Daily Post this week is H2O.