Autumn Afternoon Afterglow (Monochrome Monday)

Last week daughter and I were watching a seal contemplating whether or not to lounge on some planks in the harbour just in front of us when suddenly there was a huge splash just off shore below us.

Whilst waiting for a hint as to what had caused this splash, I took photos hoping to catch something coming up for air. I didn’t catch whatever it was that caused the splash, but on uploading the photos I saw I had caught these beautiful bursts of light!






Each person’s Journey is different! (OWPC – Journey)

Looking out the window the other night, I had to look twice to check what I was actually seeing. Obviously it was time for this summer’s journey to be packed away!

Journey is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.






Evening Jewel (OWPC – Jewelry)

Watching the sun set some nights it’s as if Mother Nature has donned her finest jewelry in celebration of yet another wonderful day and the prospect of an even better one tomorrow.

Jewelry is the One Word Photo Challenge this week from Jennifer Nichole Well.








By air or by sea… you choose! (Wordless Wednesday)







Water on Earth (Travel Theme: Earth)

Watching the sun set so behind the islands outside our windows is wonder enough but being spring, the sounds of hummingbirds flying from bush to bush filter through the open window.

Mother Earth, you certainly know how to spoil us. Earth is this week’s travel theme challenge from Where’s My Backpack!





Dense Cloud Spawn (WPC: Dense)

My daughter hates it when I call this snow-rain / hail Cloud Spawn but given there doesn’t appear to be a definitive name here for it, it’s what I choose. Particularly as it reminds me of the sacks of Salmon eggs we’d see down at the river.

At least twice a week we have this “matter” falling from the sky, creating a dense cover over our back deck. DENSE is The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week. Click on the image below to see all of this week’s submissions.






Different Stage of H2O (Wordless Wednesday)