Curve in the Road (Monochrome Monday)

There’s just something uniquely special about older steel-framed bridges. Especially when you chance upon it from a curve in the road.

When it comes with a mountain backdrop such as this with its assortment of trees and flowing stream also, well, it only makes it all that more special!







This week’s challenge word from Jennifer Nichole-Wells is DROUGHT. Although even we were on fire-bans ever-so-briefly, we thankfully didn’t suffer like so many others did this summer. Drought is something almost unimaginable as I look around.

Drought... I think NOT!

This is just one of the many waterfalls you’ll see driving along the highway between Terrace and Prince Rupert here in beautiful British Columbia. Not bad viewing for a road-trip, huh?!





Downward flowing frozen water…

AKA, a waterfall, lol!:)

I was so absorbed with the river on Saturday, it wasn’t until I was back in the car after one of my stops, looking to see what traffic was coming behind me that I noticed this directly across from.

Long waterfalls on the side of the road

What is it about icicles that make them so darn appealing?

Frozen drips - with or without color - still wonderful!

Whether they are in black and white or simply in muted colors – frozen waterfalls are always beautiful.

A moment truly frozen in time

To think I almost missed this, funny how fate steps in at just the right time on occasion. Other times you are left wondering…  “mum, how much longer?”