Inspiration isn’t always black and white! (Monochrome Monday)

I stumbled upon this photo the other day that I took for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge of Inspiration a few weeks back. Looking at it again I wondered how it would look as a black and white.

Inspiration - Black and White

Don’t know about you but I actually think it looks better in black and white as it really makes the raindrops pop and shine. To see the colour version click here.





Hail (OWPC)

As far as the size of hail is concerned, what we experienced over Easter this year was nothing. They were just teenie-weenie little stones.

Teenie, weenie hail stones!

Given hail is such a rare event here though this was one of those rare times that size really didn’t matter.






Now there’s a four-letter word beginning with ‘S’ that I’m more than happy to say and see. This photo was taken during our super-snowstorm back in February when we received close to two meters of snow in 24-hours.

OWPC - Snow

I’m MORE than aware I haven’t been brought up with the white-stuff so perhaps would feel differently if I had but since I haven’t… nah nah nah, I can’t HEAR you, lol! 🙂






Wind down the Fjord (Travel Theme: Wind)

There are so many things that come to mind when I think of our three years in Iceland – the friendly people, the unique scenery, and of course the incredible WIND. There weren’t always fierce winds but at times it certainly felt like it!

Wind down our fjord!

On this particular day, 75 kph winds were whipping up the waters upon our fjord, creating not only many a white cap but quite the mist in the air from all the spray. Tucked safely in my warm house, it was quite the sight to behold!

This is Reyðarfjörður, on the east coast of Iceland at approximately 3 o’clock on the Icelandic map. This is where we called home for our three years and would go back in a heartbeat if the opportunity ever arose. 🙂

Where's my Backpack?




Looks can be Deceiving (OWPC: Windy)


New York City was our actual destination on this particular day but due to the huge sea swells and the extremely WINDY conditions, our ship was seeking shelter at the Port of Halifax.

Windy in Halifax

Looks can be deceptive as although it looks just bleak and cold, there were 70 kilometre per hour winds gusting through that city and trust me, we knew first-hand as we walked the nearby streets. Oh. My. Gosh. It was hard work but SO funny.

The children were not amused however as we walked against the wind back to the ship form the Maritime Museum, it was tortuous. What was worse though, the ice-cream shop that I was bribing the children with to keep walking DIDN’T have ice-creams. Talk about false advertising, lol! 😉

WINDY is this week’s challenge word from Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word (Weather) Photo Challenge.



One Word Photo Challenge: Wet… in Ucluelet!


This week’s word for the One Word Photo (Weather) Challenge from Jennifer is… WET.

What should have been my free afternoon for photographing in Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, turned out instead to be a rather WET afternoon with me in the hotel room drying my camera having managed to get a few photos in-between the raindrops.

Wet Afternoon in Ucluelet

The blue of this resort in the background with the yellow flowers in the foreground combined with the raindrops provides a colourful interlude on a somewhat drab afternoon.



One Word Photo Challenge: Storm

Beside the house we had in Australia there was the most beautiful little stream that would babble away almost every day. Every day except those days there was a STORM!

Storm Waters

A sound like a freight train could be heard as this great wall of water could be seen hurtling down the hill after any decent amount of rain, quickly turning our gentle stream into a raging torrent.

Then as quick as it began, it would be return to the stream it once was, just with a little more debris hanging from its edges!



Oh but a distant memory!

It only takes a couple of good hot, cloudless days to make it feel as if clouds sitting in my valley as they did of a morning at the beginning of the week, a distant memory!

Clouds in my Valley, oh but a distant memory...

Although I have to admit from a personal prospective I’m loving the legitimate reason for staying downstairs in my Studio where it is SO much cooler and inviting.

I’ve ALMOST completed one ENTIRE scrapbook so I’m more than happy with myself – something major completed whilst keeping my mind off a few health issues. Like everything in life, one things always seems to lead to something else. 😦

But how I miss my clouds. As for their return… “mum, how much longer?”

Sunshine on Mountain Snow!

The weather has just been crazy here of late. One moment the sun is pouring down, the next moment its dark, dismal and raining. It’s those in-between times however that make for the most inspiring times from Mother Nature.

I was washing up yesterday morning when I glanced up to the most beautiful sight.

The clouds that had only a moment prior been covering Mount Elizabeth had parted, allowing the sun to shine just on the mountain peaks, creating an illuminating effect of her silhouette.

Sunshine on the Mountain Snow

Now with another three-day week-end about to descend upon us as the children have a NID (Non-Instructional Day – only teachers go to school, no students – I’m learning huh?) tomorrow, I’ll keep this picture locked in my mind as I prepare to have eight 12-year-old boys bunker down in our basement this evening.

Oh. My. Gosh… “mum, how much longer???”

Zebra Stripes in the Sky!

One never knows just what to expect when looking out my kitchen window of a morning, especially when it’s as bleak and grey as it’s been of late, one never expects very much at all.

Last week however was a completely different story and this is what greeted me last Wednesday – what looked almost like a zebra pattern across the sky – amazing!

Zebra Stripes in the Sky

There’s more than a few people upset with our current weather the way it is but on this matter I side with the experts, you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain so please stop asking… “mum, how much longer?”