Rain or Shine (Monochrome Monday)

The weather was more than average one day last week but this person seemed to determine to go out regardless. There’s no holding back a true boatie!

Come Rain or Shine

The pop of red in the jacket they were wearing seemed in stark contrast to the rest of their surroundings. Great for safety, whilst also making for a great photo!




Raindrops have FALLEN on my head – Wordless Wednesday

Raindrops are falling on my head

The Color of Rain!

Yes, the rain clouds have finally descended upon us, showering all that is below with much-needed moisture. The earth has now cooled, the plants are slowly regaining strength – it’s glorious! 🙂

The colors of rain

It’s almost like a new beginning with the smell of dust and bush-fire no longer lingering in the air but alas, everything comes at a price.

Yesterday morning was spent up at the hospital with Master Thirteen. My darling boy is sick. Thankfully nothing life threatening but day surgery will be required when he’s stronger. The question is… “mum, how much longer?”

Good weather for ducks!

I only joked with someone on Tuesday that I hadn’t moved to Kitimat for the sunshine – I’m here strictly for the snow and grey weather!

People seldom believe me when I say that but I’ve given up trying to convince them otherwise. I don’t like bright sunshine, perhaps I was a vampire in another life who knows… it would certainly explain why I enjoyed traveling through the Transylvanian Alps of Romania so much!

Looking out the window this morning though, seeing the mist amongst the branches of the trees, it was just beautiful. This photo doesn’t do the scene justice!

Sometimes photos just don't give reality the credit it deserves!

Anyways, for the majority of folks in town it’s simply been wet and miserable for the last two days but for Master Eleven and his mates it’s also been a biking delight. The lads spent two hours yesterday slipping and sliding around town.

I really do need to buy him more sneakers though as the ones that came home yesterday were beyond recognition. With only one pair it means they must go directly into the wash, to be dried overnight in readiness for the following day.

Yes, the poor lad is quite correct in asking… “mum, how much longer?”

Stella weather!

I’d always been of the opinion that when the weather was said to be Stella that it meant that it was good. How wrong was I?!

After the extremely wet day we had today as it never stopped raining, I now know this to be incorrect – it’s when the Stella’s come out to play. Oh how the Stella Jay’s enjoyed the rain!

The wetter it was the more the Stella’s played. I was beginning to wonder why there seemed to be fewer Stella’s this year than last year. I’m now thinking that perhaps the rain has a lot to do with it but what about the cold… “mum, how much longer?”