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Filtered Whales (Wordless Wednesday)


Filtered Whales

Glacier Bay – Glacier Heaven!

Although officially a sea day, today was spent ogling the many and varied glaciers that give Glacier Bay its name. With the sun as our beacon we entered Glacier Bay for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Entering Glacier Bay guided by the morning sun!

When first entering Glacier Bay a mournful cry had me racing to the balcony just in time to see a whale beside the ship slowly submerging.As he swam away turns out he wasn’t traveling alone!

Whales joining us for Breakfast!

This was then followed by a succession of sea otters frolicking along-side.

Sea Otter being a Cutey-Pie!Which were then replaced with small icebergs. A few even having hitchhiker or two!

Iceberg Eagle!

There were so many glaciers, with not all being your typical ice-meets-water glacier (tidewater glacier if you prefer). Some were high and white.

Contours of Glaciers - how surreal looking is this?

Some were low and dirty.

Dirty Glacier, not my idea of a glacier!

Margerie Glacier by far was the most majestic though being 34 km long, 1.6 km wide and 110m high but only 76m above water level. The sounds of ice cracking in the center of this glacier was quite eerie to hear. We were even treated to a few occasional ice falls. In the photos below there are only two seconds separating each photo!

Glacier Crashing - only two seconds seperates each the second and third photo!

The night finished as the day began, as Miss Ten and I dined sea otters resumed their play, seals dived for cover, whilst whales gave us farewell spurts as they left the company of the ship. As to when we’ll experience something so amazing again… “mum, how much longer?”