The trees continue to grow (Travel Theme: Grow)

With our house overlooking the harbour and set down the hill it’s easy to forget there are actually mountains in front of the house. When we go out onto our back deck with have the best of both worlds.

The neighbour’s trees GROW, hiding the houses above us but allowing us access to the beauty of the mountains behind. Grow is the Travel Theme this week from Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack?.





Wind down the Fjord (Travel Theme: Wind)

There are so many things that come to mind when I think of our three years in Iceland – the friendly people, the unique scenery, and of course the incredible WIND. There weren’t always fierce winds but at times it certainly felt like it!

Wind down our fjord!

On this particular day, 75 kph winds were whipping up the waters upon our fjord, creating not only many a white cap but quite the mist in the air from all the spray. Tucked safely in my warm house, it was quite the sight to behold!

This is Reyðarfjörður, on the east coast of Iceland at approximately 3 o’clock on the Icelandic map. This is where we called home for our three years and would go back in a heartbeat if the opportunity ever arose. 🙂

Where's my Backpack?




Travel Theme: HANDMADE… by Nanny


This week’s travel theme from Where’s my Backpack? is… HANDMADE. Having grown up in a household where it seemed EVERYTHING was handmade, right down to my knickers, it wasn’t hard to find something appropriate for this theme!

Handmade by Nanny

This is just one of the many intricate little cushions my mother has made over the years. Very few had the frill that this particular cushion has.

Normally after decorating the square my Darling Dad would mount them on painted-board whereby mum would either sell or adorn the house with yet another of her creations.

Miss Twelve is now the owner of this cushion and she couldn’t be prouder. She loved everything my mother created. Oh how she loved walking into her Nanny’s house to follow the creative trail to discover what the latest project was.



Not a TANGLE! (Travel Theme Challenge)

The Travel Theme from Ailsa this week over at Where’s My Backpack? is… TANGLE!

Whilst going through my Polar Bear photos I happened upon some photographs given to us following our visit last year to Blue Sky Expeditions at Churchill, Manitoba. This one in particular ideal for this challenge.

A Tangle of Dogs... NOT!

Having to harness six excited dogs to a sled, there was inevitably a TANGLE or two before everything was set to go but what bliss once we set sail. This is my Miss Twelve (we had a birthday on the week-end) and I sitting back enjoying our sled ride!

The lack of snow I think is evident which meant our sled had wheels but there were absolutely NO complaints from us as this made the ride so much more enjoyable. 🙂

Without wheels going over the compacted snow/ice in a sled can only be likened to a Ferrari attempting to go over the speed-bumps at a shopping centre – you close your eyes and hope for the best!