Just an OLD-FASHIONED kinda gal! (Weekly Travel Theme)

The weekly challenge theme this week from Aisla at Where’s My Backpack? is Old-Fashioned… just like me, lol! 😉

Old Fashioned Cup and Saucer

My parents had what I consider a lot of “old school” values. There were little things such as the sitting down together for meals with morning and afternoon tea everyday at 9am and 3pm respectively and always served with cups, saucers and side plates.

There were also the obvious things with my parents that many consider as being old-fashioned, such as manners and how one dressed. Dressing for home was VERY different to dressing to go out which INCLUDED going to the grocery shop.

Even now I sometimes hear my mother’s voice before I head out the door ensuring I’m dressed correctly. Something I have no doubt I’m passing onto my children. Its more than once come back to me that I’m “old-fashioned” but hey, there are far worse things to be called, lol!

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Travel Theme: HANDMADE… by Nanny


This week’s travel theme from Where’s my Backpack? is… HANDMADE. Having grown up in a household where it seemed EVERYTHING was handmade, right down to my knickers, it wasn’t hard to find something appropriate for this theme!

Handmade by Nanny

This is just one of the many intricate little cushions my mother has made over the years. Very few had the frill that this particular cushion has.

Normally after decorating the square my Darling Dad would mount them on painted-board whereby mum would either sell or adorn the house with yet another of her creations.

Miss Twelve is now the owner of this cushion and she couldn’t be prouder. She loved everything my mother created. Oh how she loved walking into her Nanny’s house to follow the creative trail to discover what the latest project was.