Many make more! (Friday Flowers)







Hiding in the Shadows (Friday Flowers)







Christening White (Friday Flowers)

It’s hard to say if this is a white spider-mum or on seeing the green towards the centre, if this could actually be an albino spider-mum. If there is such a thing, lol.

Regardless of the answer, it’s still a very beautiful bloom!





Photo Rehab Cover Makeover #13

That time of the week once again for another of Lucile’s and Desley’s wonderful Photo Rehab Cover Makeover challenges and this week it’s… a book cover.

Neither the author nor the title I’m familiar with but as 100% of royalties from this book are going to help the refugees arriving in Europe, for this reason alone it’s worth purchasing. Anyways, here is my take.

Cover Makeover #13

Right of the bat let me apologize for going for the obvious of white flowers but my head was stalled so I went with it. My tiny white cloth flowers sitting in a jar near me keep taunting me but to no avail.

Naturally, the moment I hit the Publish button inspiration will wash over me, causing me to scream in pain as what I should have done becomes abundantly clear. Don’t you just love that moment?


Cover Makeover Badge




Opposites Attract

Out of the corner of my eye I thought it was perhaps a sap on the ground but on closer inspection it was a flower of sorts.

Opposites Attract

The white flowers against the bark and dead leaves provided quite a contrast. Night and day. Not something you see every day.

As to seeing something like this again… “mum, how much longer?”

Alien Lily…

My good friend treated me to the most DELIGHTFUL arrangement of Lilies for my birthday last week. They were all white – it was BEAUTIFUL!

An added bonus was that as the Lilies opened they were like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Alien Lily don't you think?!

Never before I have noticed that Lilies have what looks like “stubble” growing towards the center of the flower. Very, VERY peculiar but nevertheless, very, VERY interesting!

Given the heat we’re currently having they’ve held up surprisingly well but… “mum, how much longer?”