Out my car window (WPC – Windows)

If you have to stop for road works over the summer, how nice is it to be able to look out the car window to this “arrangement” of blooms in the grass just off the road beside the car.

Windows is the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for this week.











Beauty that Bites! (Flower Friday)







Could BEE Autumn (Wordless Wednesday)


Bee Autumn


Frosty Dew Drops (Wordless Wednesday)

Frosted Dew Drops






Delicate Drops

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me with the multitude of flowers she’s created.

These purple flowers particularly intrigued me as they seemed just a little like a Blue Bells but at the same time there appeared to be a little green “pepper” being created in the middle of the flower cluster. Huh?

Purples and Yellows

The odd rain droplet added to the mix was kinda nice also. If only there’d been more droplets perhaps I could have managed just ONE in focus then, lol!

Speaking of which, where’s my forecasted rain for today… “mum, how much longer?”

Prickly Situation

Some may see it as a prickly situation but as Hubby filled our trailer full of fire-wood last month, I couldn’t help but admire the wild-flowers growing near-by.

Beautiful Thistle Flowers!

The Thistles particularly caught my attention, their flowers simply glorious.

Like the Prickly Pear, these bushes produce the most delightful flowers but because of the spikes on the leaves, photography is the best way to appreciate them.

As the summer wanes, sadly so does the abundance of the wild-flowers. Each and every time I see any I can’t help but admire their natural beauty although… “mum, how much longer?”

Fence Flowers

The wash of wild flowers in the neighbor’s garden always makes me smile. 🙂

Fenced in flowers - glorious!

With the backdrop of the old fence, it’s simply beautiful. Such a delightful, serene sight to begin a day.

So much more pleasant than looking inside our house at the over-flowing dirty clothes basket. Which does make me wonder…

They can put a man on the moon, even a robot on mars, but they can’t invent a washing basket where the dirty clothes are placed on one side then the cleaned clothes reappear out the other-side. Seriously… “mum, how much longer?”