Love me an island! (Wordless Wednesday)





Bath Time (Monochrome Monday)


MM Bath Time




Live each day! (WPC – I’d rather be…)

I’d Rather Be… grateful for each day lived, a life filled with beautiful sights, smells and experiences…

then regretting what has been or might have been, or even what should be!







Lopsided Growth (WPC: Growth)

This young lad had us smiling out loud when he stopped by Christmas morning to complete our picture of a white, albeit a very light white, Christmas complete with (rein)deer. Bless him, the lone antler lad.

Growth is this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge.





Our very own Pigeon Pair (Wordless Wednesday)







The things you see on the way to the grocery store… in Iceland! (Wordless Wednesday)








Love them Key West pelicans! (Wordless Wednesday)








The old cliché… busy as a bee! (Wordless Wednesday)









And just who are you? (Wordless Wednesday)








Hey little lady, check out my velvet! (Wordless Wednesday)