Drop (Wordless Wednesday)









OH NO! (A Photo a Week Challenge: View from My Front Porch)

Yesterday morning when I did the morning ritual of checking the driveway before heading off on the school-runs after breakfast, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Snow had been forecast for overnight, however I wasn’t expecting this!

Good thing we’ve been parking up on the road for the last week as no one had the energy nor the time to clear this before we left. Although it was trash day. We were so grateful for Master Fifteen who went ahead, clearing a path for us!

This View from My Front Porch is also my entry for the A Photo a Week Challenge hosted by Nancy Merrill Photography.






Winter White with a Hint of Colour (Wordless Wednesday)








Ghost Ship (Monochrome Monday)

As the snowfall became heavier and heavier, it was as if the harbour was making the most of the opportunity to swallow up this huge cargo under the cloak of whiteness.


As it sailed behind this tree, it would not have surprised me in the least if it hadn’t appeared on the other side. It sent shivers down my spine as I watched.






Sailing into the Abyss (Wordless Wednesday)