Jack Frost nipping at our stones! (Macro Monday)


Jack Frost - 9 Days




A hint of Jack Frost! (Wordless Wednesday)

Christmas Countdown 20

Searching for Spring (Monochrome Monday)

This tree stands beside our summer-house in the back yard. Each winter I look at it in its current state wondering if it will come back to life or remain perpetually in readiness for spring.

If it was to remain in this perpetual state of readiness, one ponders the possibility of it being painted silver. It could be a garden ornament for 10 months of the year then an arty-farty Christmas tree for the remaining two. Waste not want not!






From Above (WPC: Atop)

Ever get that feeling someone is watching you? This is exactly how we felt a couple of weeks ago whilst we were outside. Although in all honesty they were more than likely watching the apple pieces we were throwing, not us!

As we were feeding a deer from our front porch to the right of our driveway, atop the neighbours driveway to the left, two sets of eyes were watching our every move. Not that they stayed there long. We soon required loads more apple pieces!

Atop is The Daily Post Photo Challenge this week.



OH NO! (A Photo a Week Challenge: View from My Front Porch)

Yesterday morning when I did the morning ritual of checking the driveway before heading off on the school-runs after breakfast, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Snow had been forecast for overnight, however I wasn’t expecting this!

Good thing we’ve been parking up on the road for the last week as no one had the energy nor the time to clear this before we left. Although it was trash day. We were so grateful for Master Fifteen who went ahead, clearing a path for us!

This View from My Front Porch is also my entry for the A Photo a Week Challenge hosted by Nancy Merrill Photography.






Winter Birds in a Winter Wonderland (WPC: Against the Odds)

This was one of those rare moments that not only was the scenery simply glorious I… a) noticed the birds in the bottom left-hand corner in this small creek, b) my camera was in the car, and c) my husband kept the car still whilst I took the photo!


Considering how well the stars aligned for this photo it seemed very fitting for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge of Against the Odds – a photo both of an unlikely occurrence and a shot you never thought you’d get!






The Morning Snow Blues (WPC: Solitude)

As the snow began falling harder out over the harbour, this one solitude little blue fishing boat came hightailing in. It made its way down to the marina quicker then any fisher boat I’d ever seen before… or since!


Solitude is the Weekly Photo Challenge this week from the Daily Post.






Winter White with a Hint of Colour (Wordless Wednesday)








Sailing into the Abyss (Wordless Wednesday)







The Gift of Christmas Snow! (Monochrome Monday)

By now I’m sure a lot of you are already tired of the snow. Here, however, snow is a rare event hence we make a little go a long way. Although given the length of our driveway that’s not very hard, lol.😂


To wake up and see our front yards last Sunday looking like this was more than we’d dared dream. It really was beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!