Long time coming… (Monochrome Monday)

How glorious it was to wake up to a world covered in a dusting of snow yesterday. It was nothing quite like the epic six-foot we had in one 24-hour period in Kitimat last February but we didn’t care. It was snow!

It's been a long time coming!

We had the beauty of a fresh snowfall without any of the shovelling or worry. It really was quite delightful having the opportunity to simply sit back in the lounge chair appreciating the beauty surrounding us before it disappeared.





Frosty Dew Drops (Wordless Wednesday)

Frosted Dew Drops






Jumping into WINTER (OWPC)

On hearing five years ago we were moving to a town where it snowed, the first words out of my son’s mouth was that he was going to be jumping off the top deck. And that’s just what he’s done each and every winter since we arrived.

The last winter was particularly kind to him with the snow almost level to the back fence. What was a boy to do but jump repeatedly into the fresh snow. I’m sure I enjoyed watching him just as much as he enjoyed jumping!


WINTER is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge word from Jennifer Nichole Wells. If you aren’t already familiar with Jennifer’s challenges, please head over now as Jennifer is sorted through until 2019 with her challenges.

Oh how I love her style!






Of all the places I could find happiness and dare I say it, tranquility, it’s at the kitchen sink. However, it’s not for reason you may think. There’s no denying I am quite the neat freak but that’s not the reason I love my kitchen sink.

It’s the view of the valley and mountain beyond that I love watching. Mother Nature has truly spoilt us in this part of the world with her constant beauty.

My VERY Happy Place!

Adding snow to this already beautiful scenery constantly leaves me gasping in awe. Then to add a majestic Bald Eagle, that is what they say… the cherry on the top! How blessed am I?

Looking at this forever evolving scene outside my window is definitively my Happy Place, this week’s challenge word from the Daily Post.






Between our three years in Iceland and our four-and-a-half years here in Canada we’ve managed to see one or two BLIZZARDS, this week’s word challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.

Without a doubt, our last blizzard came as part of that incredible snowstorm we experienced back in February. It was a doozy as you well know from my previous post of snow!


This photo was taken in the afternoon towards the end of the massive dump we had – two meters in 24-hours but hey, what a story we got to tell. Again and again and again…






Avalanche (OWPC)

Before moving to Canada, avalanches were only something we read about in books or saw in the movies. Within months of moving here we were seeing these signs, a very REAL reminder of what winter in Canada can inflict.


Snow began falling that first winter and it seemed almost instantaneously avalanche warnings were being given over the radio. And not just for those out on their snow-mobiles or skiing, roads we’d only recently driven over had disappeared.

A good reminder to always be vigilant when it comes to the weather.





Polar Bear Holding Facility (Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge #32)

After my post this morning of my photo taken during our February snowstorm, I couldn’t resist posting this sign from Churchill, Manitoba last year.

OddBall Polar Bear Holding Facility

It’s not everyday you are standing outside a huge, and I mean ginormous, warehouse which is hosting 29 polar bears awaiting transfer away from the town centre and the people who live there.

Cee's Odd Ball Challenge




Winter’s Tale (Photo Rehab Cover Makeover Challenge 2)

This week’s Photo Rehab Cover Makeover Challenge from Desley and Lucile is a movie poster. Having had our temperatures sitting in the mid 30’sC for the longest time with only a recent reprieve, this is one makeover I couldn’t miss.

Winters Tale - PhotoRehab

This was a fabulous challenge to participate in this week. Be sure to check out the Drama Queens requirements at Photo Rehab101 to see if you’d be interested in joining.

Cover Makeover Badge




June already???

Seriously, is it really June 1st as I’m still somewhere back in February – sans the snow storm of course, lol!

Maxine - Happy June 1st!

Only 206 day until Christmas and only six months until winter – woohoo – I’ll drink to that!!!

The Icy WATERS of Niagara (MM2-13)

Blame it on the weather – that’s certainly what I’m doing. We seem to have had a lot of hot weather lately yet oddly, a lot of my photo choices are of cold weather scenes. No guessing my preference of weather, lol!

This week for Monochrome Madness with Leanne Cole, being the first week of the month there’s a theme and the theme is… water.

The Icy Waters of Niagara - MM2-13

When looking for a photo with water, there were so many different ways to go – reflections, sunsets, or rivers to name but a few – all sorts of things. Yet for me, Niagara Falls will always hold a special magic for me.

Yes, this photo has window reflections in it. And yes it’s not in the preferred thirds suggested for taking photos but you know what? I really like it.

The memories behind this photo are what I see whenever I look at it, sitting at lunch with my family having the biggest laugh over who knows what but as my Darling Son likes to say… good times, good times!