Double OOPS! (WPC: Oops)

After reading so many wonderful posts for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, I dang near forgot to post one myself, OOPS! Here is one of my classic oops moments from the Statue of Liberty last Christmas Eve.

Oops from the Statue of Liberty

The combination of having played with my camera settings the previous night, my dislike for closed-in spaces, having rain-drops seep into places you can’t easily dry whilst in public, and plain old exhaustion from having travelled almost an entire day to get there the day before, I wasn’t checking my photos as I went.

Plus, the half-dozen rain jackets I’d bought for my camera were all tucked away in my drawer back in Canada, oops. Hence the rain had me taking my photo then quickly putting me camera back under my jacket for protection against any water damage.

By the time I discovered what I’d done we’d arrived at the point of no return. Turns out there is only one way in and one way out of this great Beauty Queen. Oh well, just means we’ll have to go back… oh gosh darn it!