A Moment of Stillness (One Photo Focus: November)

This month for One Photo Focus hosted by Stacy Fischer of Visual Venturing, Julie Powell of Julie Powell Photography has offered one of her beautiful images to edit.

Something about Julie’s image reminded me of my grandfather’s old cottage. So much so I could even smell that distinct residue from the wood-burning stove he had. Being on his own for almost a decade, it was very much an old man cottage.


With these memories from so long ago in mind, I edited the photo as such. After rotating the image slightly then cropping it, I decreased the saturation for that “old-world” feel. A grunge filter was then added followed by a weathered frame.

It now reminds of one of those thick, old photos you’d once see at an elderly relatives house. It proudly displayed behind a support on the sideboard, still in its original cardboard folder. The photo slightly crazed from years of gentle viewing.

It’s such a contrast to Julie’s crisp, clean image below.


If you aren’t familiar with One Photo Focus challenge, it’s a once a month challenge where everyone has the opportunity to edit the same one image. The results are always mind-boggling. Be sure to see all the submissions over at Visual Venturing, they will amaze you!


One Photo Focus Badge




Christmas with the Children (Monochrome Monday)

This photo might be grainy and blurred but I love it regardless. My Santa with his gramophone sits besides the photo of my mother as a young girl, and that strapping young man you can just see in the centre background, that’s my father.

Christmas with the Children

This is the one down-side of our life on the move. These, along with so many of our photos and other “old” memories, are all sitting in storage boxes, somewhere. I dream of the day we are reunited once again!




Canadian Country (MM27)

This month’s Monochrome Madness theme from  Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY  is COUNTRY. Initially I chose a photograph from my visit to Australia back in March as nothing says country more to me than a kangaroo sitting under a tree.

Then as I sat down to write this post I felt conflicted submitting a photo from Australia when I like to now call Canada home. Back through the archives I went to find this shot from our adventures through British Columbia in May.

Canadian Country - MM27

I briefly considered lightening this photograph somewhat but as I did so I simply wasn’t happy with the result. If you haven’t already guessed, I rather like my captures to be on the dark side, that’s simply me.

Especially given the state of disrepair these two buildings are in. Their glory days are obviously behind them with mother nature moving in to reclaim what was rightfully hers to begin with.

But on the plus-side of changing my mind at the moment, I have now have one or two images for future Monochrome Mondays. Of course there’ll be NO prizes for guessing what those images will be, lol! 🙂





Admiring Murano from on the FENCE (MM2-9)

It’s the once a month “theme week” for the Monochrome Madness over at the blog, Leanne Cole Photography. This month the chosen theme is… FENCES.

The photo I’ve chosen, although technically not a fence, given it was taken on the island of Murano just outside Venice, I think we can all agree that rails and fences are pretty much the same thing, lol!

Murano Milly (MM2-9)

The little poppet in this photo just happens to be my Darling Daughter who was three-and-a-half on this, our first family visit to Italy. Both children took to Italy likes ducks to water, embracing the culture like locals.

This is a scan of a copy as sadly the original and its backup were stolen many years ago hence the slightly “off” feeling to it. Gives it an “old world” kinda feeling though don’t you think?

The memory however this capture evokes for me shall forever be etched in my memory.


Down by the Riverside – Wordless Wednesday


Down by the Riverside